OPS initially identified the potential to develop in the garden of an existing 1930s house (which OPS subsequently refurbished and remodelled).  A scoping study was undertaken to consider the financial viability of various schemes, determining the build costs and end values in addition to demand for such accommodation in the area. OPS worked closely with the appointed architect throughout, and planning permission was granted for a pair of semi-detached houses.  The existing pattern of semi-detached properties is thus continued, albeit following the curvature of the road.  The design draws on features from neighbouring properties covering range of eras, from Victorian/Edwardian villas to 1930s semi-detached houses.  The materials used have been carefully considered and include square Bath stone bay windows.  The properties are timber framed above piled foundations and are highly energy efficient, exceeding current building regulations.  In addition to insulation within the timber frame, an additional insulation board is fixed to the external face which in turn receives the self-coloured render coat. OPS maintained a prominent role within the project team during the build.  OPS were solely responsible for the design and specification of the kitchens which feature handleless doors/drawers and Corian worksurfaces, and provided continued input into the landscape design, bathrooms and specification of floor coverings.