The developer of this new build contemporary property approached OPS to create designs for the rear garden and a dedicated hot tub area.  The budget was tight at the concluding stage of the build and consequently the client was after maximum impact for minimal expense, or if using developer language ‘bang for buck’.

The rear garden comprises of three distinct areas; a seating area in front of the internal kitchen/dining areas, an area which predominately functions as a focal point from the internal areas, which includes a 4m wide water feature, and finally a lawn for recreational and other activities. These three areas are interconnected by steps and breaks in raised planters.

The individual components within the design are relatively inexpensive, but intelligently used to give the illusion of an end result that would cost considerably more.  For example, rather than laying patio slabs en mass, flint gravel has been used providing a similar colour, but at a substantially reduced cost.  Similarly, rather than using hardwood fence panels that were prohibitively expensive, off-the-shelf panels were used, albeit painted to blend in with the trees behind.